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--Sea lions produce loud roars. This helps explain where the name sea lion originates from. Males of some sea lion species even grow manes around their necks!

--Marine mammals, like the sea lion, have a slower heart rate while diving. A sea lion?s heart rate may average 95 beats per minute, but may slow to 20 beats per minute while diving. A slower heart rate allows them to conserve oxygen while under wate..

Class: Mammalia
Order: Pinnipedia
Family: Otariidae
Genus: Eumetopias
Species: jubatus


Weight: 770 - 3,000 pounds with males being larger than females
Length: 9 - 12 feet
Life Span: 20 years
Gestation: 9 months
# of young: 1
Range: Northwestern California into Alaska's Bering Sea to the Bering Straits. They can also be found in areas around Russia and Japan.
Diet: Carnivore, eats fish, squid and octopus

Energy & Conservation

Sea lions were once hunted for their skin and oil. At one time their whiskers were even used for pipe cleaners. Many populations of sea lions were wiped out because of this. Sea lions are now protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 which made it illegal to hunt or harass any marine mammal in U.S. waters.

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