"This morning's audience thought Animalopolis was AWESOME. We had a little more than 150 kids and about 50 adults in the theater. It was hilarious to hear the kids giggle and laugh, react with cheers at things on the screen, clap throughout, and they even danced some because the soundtrack is fun. Most of the kids were ages 4-8, but we did have a good handful of younger kids. One mom of three children ages 18 months to 3 yrs said that everyone was engrossed for the whole time. Another teacher of a mostly non-English speaking child said the child kept saying "I like this, I like this" over and over. Hands down all the adults loved it, and even the parts I thought would be too intense for the kids (that scene with thousands of crabs that also starts with lightning) were a hit with both girls and boys. One girl leaving the theater said, "The crabs were cool!" Everyone in the audience gave it two thumbs up except one boy who screamed out that he'd give it "100 thumbs up if I had that many fingers!!!" The opera-singing lion was definitely a hit too. And the otter praying ... very much a home run."

- Jo Haas, Executive Director
Louisville Science Center

"Audience feed back has been very good. We are just beginning to get school field trips. I think when that gets going a lot of school field trips will want to see Animalopolis. "

- John Armistead, Director of IMAX
Sci-Port: LOUISIANA'S Science Center

"We are pleased with the response we've had to Animalopolis, and we've heard nothing but positive feedback from both kids and adults -- they love it."

- Craig Blower, COO
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

"The first few premier days of Animalopolis at the Wildlife Experience were great! We had very steady crowds though our weekend showings and we were pleasantly surprised by the feedback we received for this film, as it was a departure from our previous films. During the showings you could literally feel the happiness in the theater ... there were feet tapping and heads bobbing. Even the adults got into it. After leaving the film it was clear that Animalopolis did not disappoint. One mother stated, "This was my child's first film, and he was thoroughly engrossed!" A grandchild of another visitor stated, "It was fun, I liked the way the bear's booty shook" and that "the hippopotamus was really hungry!" Most of the parents we talked to seemed to pick up on the rhythm of the film and how it was used to grab the attention of the children. The same sentiment was repeated by our school groups that have gone to see it; the teachers and group leaders seem pleased. All positive feedback so far, a definite bonus for our younger visitors or the young at heart."

- Rob Jakubowski, Marketing Director

"ANIMALOPOLIS is a hit according to our visitor responses of "really cute; my kids loved it, and fun and enjoyable!"

- Sandy Henry, CEO
Science Spectrum